Don't Be A Stranger
Friday, May 12, 2017
By David Meyer

Don’t be a stranger.


It takes a leap of faith to let a stranger into your home. It can be an uncomfortable proposition.

At Clutter Captain, we understand that concept. We don’t want to be strangers for long. That’s why our first encounter is a FREE interview at your choice of location, where we sit down and get to know each other and build a rapport so that you feel ready to take on the goals you have set to making your house work for you. 

We have an extensive list of questions we have developed to create a strategy WITH you for our work together. We want to understand your situation, find out what’s important to you and make sure we incorporate that into how we work in your home. No cleaning or organizing is done at our first meeting, we just want to bond with you and become a team. 

We will discuss things like, how much stuff you want to remove, what is expendable, what is very important to you, what you want it to look like when you are done, how long you want to take, what some categories might be for you to organize, what  work needs to be done on the house. (Repairs, structural, paint, floors, carpet, entryways, new appliances, furniture replacement). 

We want to find out your vision and make it happen. Its exciting to see the look on people’s faces as they begin to understand all the possibilities in a manageable way. Once they feel that excitement, they get on board, and we work together to give them power over their transition from disorganized and stressed to organized and relaxed that they have regained control over their home. 

We will discuss a start date, draft up a contract and commit together to making your house work again for you. Upon signing the contract, we will collect a deposit and plan our work schedule for your home. 

Its exciting to make things happen and we love helping people get organized. You could be next! Call today for a no cost interview to put your house back to work for you.


At the meeting you will meet Dave Meyer, the owner of Clutter Captain. We will show proof of insurance and discuss how things might work for your DeCluttering Process.  You are under no obligation to sign any contract and we will leave the decision up to you to take the next step. 

Our payment schedule will cover costs of any materials purchased (Shelving, paint, trash bags, bins)

as well as $100 towards labor. We request to be paid every two days of work, so that we stay in balance. As any other purchases are needed, we can discuss whether we will bring them or you can get them yourselves.

Our labor fee is $45 per hour for Mr. Meyer. As we decide whether to add on additional laborers we will bill that at a discounted rate subject to the particular task. We do no work until both the owner of the home and the staff of Clutter Captain are in agreement on the tasks.

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