Wednesday, August 23, 2017
By David Meyer

Take a look at what I have been doing with a current client. She is getting ready to sell her house and move to be near her family. These are things that have been building up over the years to the point where it was too much for her to do by herself:


•Organized laundry room; •Sorted and emptied tool area of tools and old items; •Emptied and removed four 6 foot metal cabinets and 2 large file cabinets from basement; •Organized and thinned Christmas decor, Floral arrangements, painting supplies, toys, dishes, linens, draperies, plastic wear, kitchen items, office supplies and old appliances; • Over 50 banker boxes of documents from work and home sorted and recycled; •Recycled large collection of old magazines, boxes and miscellaneous documents; •Organized and gathered important photos, important legal documents, important memorabilia and ephemera; •Organized and thinned office of irrelevant documents, junk mail, and items no longer needed; •Closed retail credit cards and accounts; •Emptied bedrooms of excess and unwanted clothing, furnishings and household goods; •Gathered old tax documents and medical records to be secured for shredding including S.S. numbers, client info on documents and medical pill bottles; •Emptied, cleaned and painted basement closet; •Emptied, cleaned and sorted under-stair closet; •Moved furniture and materials from basement and recycled over 20 carloads of recyclables; •Arranged pickups for charities.

•Pulled weeds and cleaned garden beds; •Care and maintainance of plants;  •Rough raked dead lawn areas and reseeded lawn section;

•Trimmed hedges, reburied edging, cut down tree, cut limbs over roof; •Cleaned patio of moss between cracks, relaid uneven bricks; Cleaned garage and recycled items for gardening,

Most Importantly:

     Listened to her stories; •Validated her thoughts and concerns;  •Reassured and encouraged healthy habits moving forward;  •Laughed and listened and enjoyed our time together as new friends.


UPDATE: Elizabeth's home was put on the market and sold on the first showing at full price. She has now moved to Grand Rapids and is close to her daughter and Grandchildren. Wr know longer have to worry about her falling on stairs and not being able to keep up a home too large for her.

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