What Happened?
Friday, May 12, 2017
By David Meyer



Its a special word- “HOME” 

It evokes all kinds of emotion for most Americans of any background. What are some things that come to mind? A White Picket Fence? A Beautiful Lawn? A Welcoming Front Door and Entrance? All these exterior appearances elicit a curiosity and desire to go inside and see how the rest of the fantasy matches up to the front of the home.

Here’s where the story may go in many different directions. Priceless Art, Antiques, Spacious rooms,

Big windows, maybe a fireplace. Big Closets, A gourmet kitchen? A pantry with endless amounts of shelving, An inviting Kitchen island to gather around and socialize as a meal is almost ready.  A beautiful staircase leading to comfy inviting rooms. Bright light softening the end of the day as we doze off to dream of our next adventure.

An appealing entrance to a fun room in the basement for kids activities, playspace and gather in to watch the game or perhaps maybe a home theater to share with friends to watch the next blockbuster ready for download. 

SO, “What Happened to my house?” you ask. Somewhere from the day the moving van left and today, something went astray. 


The fence needs painting. The bushes are the wrong size and block the windows, The lamp on the porch doesn’t work. You haven’t been able to park the car in the garage for 3 years because you have so much stuff. The kitchen drawers are full of receipts, erasers, medicine, chalk, 14 pairs of glasses because you keep losing them. Nothing that has anything to do with food. Your closets are scary as if something lives underneath  the ever expanding paper trail of what ever that is. You have three broken toasters that you were “Going to get to that.” Along with two broken clock radios, 14 flash lights, some batteries that we don’t know work or not. so many things on shelves that really there is now just a growing pile in front of the shelves of “I’m gonna go through that when I get a chance.”  Oh. The basement? Don’t make me think about the basement. Seriously, I dread the thought of even STARTING to deal with it.


Again: “What happened to my house?”


•Maybe you lost a job and had trouble coping.

•Maybe you had a sustained illness.

•Maybe you stress shop as a way to deal with some issue you have trouble with.

•Maybe you learned to live that way because of your parents.

•Maybe someone else created the mess against your wishes and now they are gone.

•Maybe you just really love ______________(fill in the blank)(plush toys, collectibles, newspapers.)

•Maybe the responsibility of decluttering creates enough anxiety that you put it off.


~The REALITY is that most of the mess is from putting off making a decision.~

This is where we come in. ClutterCaptain works with families and individuals to put their homes

back to work FOR them, not AGAINST them. 

•We will help you redefine the future goals you have to make your home a happy place again.

•We will respect your belongings and tidy them up by improving the space and improving the function of your home as a place for family and friends to enjoy your company. 

•We will organize a storage method which is safe clean and easy to use, so that you can continue on in your life in a less stressful environment and with some coaching, be able to enjoy your valuables again.

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