•DeCluttering your home has never been easier with the help of David Meyer, owner of Clutter Captain. His friendly personality and patience combined with persistence and motivation will inspire you to embrace the change you have been seeking. His enthusiasm and prompting will keep you focused and make the task seem manageable rather than daunting. As you make your way through the challenges of updating your home, David helps you keep your goals in mind. He keeps a focus on respecting your desires as well as encouraging you to take a new approach towards downsizing the amount of things you are responsible for, freeing you to enjoy the independence from your past frustrations. 

David grew up in Wisconsin, Attended the University of Michigan as Captain of the Cross Country team, created a successful photography business for over 20 years and now enjoys helping people manage their home space by facilitating organization of their belongings. He lives in Dexter with his 2 boys, Julian & Vaughn. He can make any kid laugh in 30 seconds or less & is just the right amount of push, pull, cajole, encourage, guide, steer & lead to help you-

"Make Your House a Home Again."