Here are some common questions from our clients:

How Do We Start?

          Our first contact is a phone consult where we can take care of the basics and discuss the scale of the job.

          Then we can meet in person at the site  to visualize the work necessary, discuss an end result in terms

           of the amount of items to be dealt with, and the vision of what it will look like when we are done. At

           that time we will discuss, the items we may need to purchase and an estimate of the amount of hours

           we will need to complete the job. We will come to an agreement on the work involved, the amount of hours

           to complete it and sign a contract. We will also require a deposit of $100-200 to secure the contract and

           schedule a start time. As an adult I can promise you we are not interested in being, lazy, slow, late or

           unclear about our work. As the owner, I take no satisfaction in not earning my money. We will work hard and honest and

           take no items from the premises without your permission. We are interested in success and a new and improved

           space for you.

How Much Will It Cost?

           I start with my fee of $45 per hour. Additional fees will vary, depending on the job and will be discussed beforehand.

           Some examples of additional fees could be:

           •   Additional staff   •  Heavy objects (Pianos)   • Hauling items offsite   •   Rush Fees   •Shelving, tubs, containers, tarps,

           installing materials,   •Painting   •Any items used to complete the job- (Discussed in Advance).

Can We Help?

           Absolutely. It will be better if you do! You can be as involved as you want. We have certain things we know how to do well

           and we will be faster than you, but we can always use an extra pair of hands. Some people prefer to stay out of it and do their own

           thing while we improve the site.

Do You Have Insurance? 

           Absolutely. We want to protect ourselves and our clients. We also give you our word that you will be satisfied with our efforts.

Do I Have Final Say in Certain Matters?

          Yes! We will make suggestions, but ultimately you have to like things after we leave. We check in frequently with you & give you

         choices when necessary & make our recommendations. At the end of the day, your place is YOUR  place.

I Am Nervous and Embarrassed About My Situation.

          Its ok. We are not here to judge. We are here to help and give you an outside hand to repurpose your space. There can be many

          reasons to be stressed, confused and overwhelmed. We will address those issues with you in a way that is sensitive to your needs 

         and we desire to help you regain the upper hand on your space. We will acknowledge the past & validate it as we go. We will

          encourage you to begin to look forward with a healthy mindset. Let's take the stress of having this project hanging over your head and

          put it to the curb!